Beats of War (Comic book)

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An alien planet ravaged by robot invaders. A city on Earth plagued by crime. Their hope: a hero from beyond the stars.


Synopsis: An alien planet ravaged by robot invaders. A city on Earth plagued by crime. Their hope: a hero from beyond the stars. 

This first massive issue has been written & created by Etienne Kubwabo (KE Comics). Co-written & production design Gary Chudleigh. Art by Ben Wilsonham & letters by Rob Jones.

Can’t wait for you to read an epic story.

Please note: All orders will be posted out on 15th July 2020 (approx. 5 days before the official release of Beats of War)

26 reviews for Beats of War (Comic book)

  1. Porter L

    Really great read and I would recommend this to someone

  2. Paulina

    Awesome book! I can’t wait for more!

  3. Dundee “a Cosmic Admiral” Hehe.

    After receiving my copy of the comic I went straight to work reading it.
    This is a refreshing piece of artwork.
    The fact that the overall feel of the story lends itself to something that sings of a higher purpose, really hits home to me.
    I agree that we are all visitors on this planet. We take nothing with us when we go.
    But we can leave behind a wonderful story of a great way to live your life.
    This comic book has the making of the first of its kind to create such a legacy.
    Well done to its creator.
    *Ettiene kubwabo.

    Also to the writers
    *Ettiene and Gary Chudleigh.

    Plus a
    Big thumbs up to the art work..well done Ben Wilsonham.

    Awesome effort with production and design Gary.

    We look forward to the following issues to see how ET finds a way to save his planet while collaborating with the characters on planet earth. I would love to see a female angel appear.. one with Musical magical superpowers… A formidable character to stand beside or main hero in his attempt to save this unbalanced world.
    Glasgow is gonna be a tough city to find one.

    Well done….. I love it all. And I wait in anticipation for the next edition
    Regards Dundee.

  4. Diane

    Very interesting comic, worth reading! I would recommend this.

  5. Diana

    Scotland Super Hero!!! EPIC!!! Great to celebrate this medium of reading, timeless and classic – COMICS!!! Great read and illustrations are 👌🏻.

  6. Adam

    This is amazing, the overall quality of everything is superb.
    The dynamic of the different characters draws you in and makes you want to know more about them and their backstory.

  7. Emma

    One of the best comics I have read! I love seeing parts of Glasgow in a comic, it makes it even more immersive. Kids, adults and everyone in between will have so much fun reading the story. Also the music that goes along with the comic makes the whole project so much more interesting.

  8. Noe

    Amazing book, definitely would recommend it to everyone. Can’t wait for more!!!!

  9. Tine

    A must read comic book. I can’t wait for the next issue.

  10. Jamielee

    Absolutely amazing!! Would definitely recommend to everyone, can’t wait for more.

  11. Jamielee

    Absolutely amazing!! Definitely would recommend this to everyone, can’t wait for more

  12. KD

    I’ve read this at least eight times since I got my copy yesterday morning…!!.

    It’s incredible….

    I got to the end and was like no no no I need more, I didn’t want it to end so soon!

    You all need to be reading this, I’m not joking.

    I need issue 2 as soon as possible!

  13. Gerrard

    My 8yr old son love this book it’s a beautiful story

  14. Reading with Joan – Infohubme

    Apart from donating about 30 comics to my organisation, the author – Etinenne, visited one of our literary networking events and spoke to the kids. It was beautiful to listen to the inspiration behind his comic. We watched the kids express they perception of super powers. In fact, one of the girls reminded us there is a super power in each of us. The kids well received the comics and I must say, it is quite unique from the normal superpower comic. Well done Etinenne, looking forward to the next ones.

  15. Fraser McCaffery

    Great new comic! Refreshing and unique story from the author and creator. Can’t wait for number 2. Been telling everyone about it.

  16. Axel

    I really like this comic book, a cool story and the fact that he loves MJ. Also to release a song with every issue is such a good idea, Dat Juice is pure fire.

  17. Offir Limacher

    You can tell that there is heart and soul in these brilliantly depicted stories. A fresh design and relatable character make it so enjoyable to read. I am already excited for episode 2 and a whole lot more of this brilliancy. I am already a fan of DJ E.T. and i cant get enough, let alone listen to his ever evolving tracks on spotify. The future is great…. thanks to the Hero from outer space

  18. Nico (verified owner)

    Great art and story – well done to everyone involved. I especially love seeing my home city in a comic! Looking forward to the next instalment!

  19. Hannah

    Really enjoyed the art work and story, especially love seeing Glaswegian culture and city involved. Already excited for what’s to come!!!

  20. Robyn

    Absolutely amazing work put in from you and your team on beats of War. So worth every minute spent on creating this piece of art. Storyline, art style, characters, all of it! As someone who is a huge fan of retro comics and manga it is so hard to find that representation of strong black characters in the first place, this comic is a god send. Thank you & keep up the good work and keep inspiring our community <3

  21. Calum

    After being born and raised in Glasgow and now living abroad, this comic brought me home!

    From the dialect to the illustration.

    Worth reading and looking forward to seeing the story continue

  22. Luke (verified owner)

    It’s lovely to see a comic with such a firm sense of place and for that place to be Glasgow.

    This was a sharp, punchy and dynamic read. I’m eager to see where the story goes, as everything has been set up so perfectly.

  23. Nick Ikunda

    Well done etienne my brother from a different mother.
    Hard work pays off.
    Your imagination is taking you exactly were ur destined to be.
    what a wonderful (Beats Of War) story.
    If you reading this look out for the upcoming comic books, I can’t wait for my character to be unveil/properly introduced on the next upcoming books 🤫

  24. Ellie Peppet (verified owner)

    I loved this comic book – brilliant story that had me gripped from beginning to end. The art style of the characters and backgrounds were shown off brilliantly.
    I just bought another one as I know my nearly 11 yr old nephew will love it (he is not getting mine).
    Looking forward to the next instalment when is comes out.

  25. Andrew Milligan

    Bought this at my forst ever comic con and got to meet Etienne. He was super cool and I loved reading it on the way back home. Deffinetly recommend

  26. KV

    I actually discovered this author through Spotify (DJ E.T). Love the songs ‘Love for an Alien’ and ‘Lost in Space’. Only found out recently, upon reading the artist description, that there are comic books too. Art style is vivid and characters seem interesting so far.

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