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The Box Short Film

The Box

Synopsis:What if the answers we seek are right in front of us? Starring Jessica Viera de MattosDirected by Etienne K 

Mile Away Films image AWAY OUT

Away out

The most important power lies within us. It’s up to us to find it, follow the voice so that we

Mile Away Films image Truth


Unexplained events. The powerful presence of something that’s very close, yet completely invisible. People say you can’t learn the Truth

Mile Away Films image We are Scotland

We are Scotland

As Part 2018 year of young people, we were commissioned by Bemis Scotland, to make a documentary based on stories

Mile Away Films image Scotland's memoir

Scotland’s Memoir

As part of Scotland’s celebration of the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology 2017, BEMIS Scotland have commissioned Cre8tive Entertainment

Mile Away Films Product 19 Willock Place red filter image

19 Willock Place

When a young African man suffering from sleep paralysis and a (“Sensed Presence”) Hallucinations during the day. As a last

Mile Away Films

My first film was a collaborative project between me and my business partner. It was a psychological horror film. We took on this project and it took over a full year to complete the project.

The process was challenging because there was a lot to learn as new filmmakers, who moved from the music video.

I feel very proud of the film and you will get to see it. At the moment I am working on two new scripts along with some friends, and these will start production next year.

I am so excited about the new journey and new stories we are going to share with the world.


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