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Etienne Kubwabo is a film-maker, writer and has gone on to write, direct and produce award-winning documentaries, short/full-length feature films and over 120 music videos.

Most recently, Etienne Kubwabo created Scotland’s first-ever black superhero (Beats of war)  – DJ E.T and have already appeared on BBC’s The Social, BBC Radio Scotland and STV’s national news.

In 2017, Etienne was commissioned by BEMIS Scotland, in collaboration with the Scottish Government, to explore Scotland’s story via the eyes and through the voices of our diverse ethnic and cultural minority communities. ‘Scotland’s Memoir’ presents these alongside the perspectives of civic representatives, artists, historians and the First Minister herself, Nicola Sturgeon.

In 2018, BEMIS Scotland once again commissioned me to make a documentary on the stories of young and talented writers, artists and musicians. ‘We are Scotland’ was released to wide acclaim. It became obvious to me that Scotland needed its own music awards ceremony.

Along with other local creatives, Etienne Kubwabo established the Infinite Music Awards under the co-created the record “Infinite Music” (Co-Founder Duncan “DMT Beats” Tembo) a subsidiary of his parent label Cre8tive Entertainment in order to support artists both from Scotland and abroad, with a focus on under-represented artists.

Etienne Kubwabo is currently telling the story of Scotland’s first black superhero through the comic book ‘Beats of War’. Already I have plans in motion to move forward into the film. DJ E.T’s journey is only just beginning.

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