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MAF and team have always had a passion for music and screen production but our director’s interest in the field really took a hype in 2012. The year Etienne joined the Clydebank College to study Film and Communication and further graduated of degree at Glasgow Caledonian University. From then, he directed multiple music videos for artists in Scotland, Sweden, Belgium. 

Etienne has, for now, directed and managed few ongoing projects, such as the Kid’s show “Sho-time”, short films and shows to bring people together and a recent documentary Scotland’s Memoir with the collaboration of the Scottish Government. Etienne is the best protagonist for this feature-film as he has himself attended drama school, where he did a number of shows around Scotland. This has won him several awards for best director and contribution to creative industries in Scotland.

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Theres always a lot to learn as new filmmakers and each project gives us new challenges. From working on two

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When a young African man suffering from sleep paralysis and a (“Sensed Presence”) Hallucinations during the day. As a last

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When I first started out making content. Music videos were the first thing that caught my attention. The video I

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He has directed a documentary “We are Scotland” featuring young creatives in Scotland, Scotland Memoir documentary and has produced 19 Willockplace films. Etienne also has a passion for music and now runs Infinitime Music awards under a sub-label, he started 2 years ago. Currently, he is working on his new feature film with his friend and also developing Issue 2 of DJ E.T comic book.


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  • Release Date: 2023
  • Distribution By: Mile Away Films

Synopsis: Alex Watson is a young black man, raised in the secluded Highlands of Scotland by two white adoptive parents. But when Alex moves to Glasgow for university he must leave his protective bubble behind and learn what being black in the modern world truly means.


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